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Welcome to the British School of Monaco Individual Programme

Study a totally personalised Secondary, IGCSE or A-Level curriculum, and graduate from the British School of Monaco.

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The British School of Monaco is delighted to announce the launch of its Individual Programme for Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level Students.

As a Cambridge International School, Pearson International School and a registered UCAS centre, the British School of Monaco is fully accredited to teach and host IGCSEs and A-Levels, and facilitate applications directly to UK universities. We also support and guide applications to US and Canadian universities, alongside applications to English-speaking university courses around Europe and the world.

Excellence, efficiency and flexibility

The British School of Monaco Individual Programme is laser-focused on enabling your child to achieve the best possible IGCSE and A-level results, and to win a place at an excellent University. It is built on a straightforward system and a practical philosophy that works: successful, student-focused teaching and learning delivered by expert teachers within a supportive and nurturing environment, coupled with a highly effective and efficient individual learning programme for each student.

Learning through Conversation

An additional advantage of the British School of Monaco Individual Programme is that there is much more time for dialogue between the student and the teacher. This back-and-forth develops the communication skills of the student and allows them to gain experience expressing themselves in a clear and formal manner. The confidence gained through this is pivotal to their academic development, making them further engaged and motivated to learn. With the right amount of support, a student can develop ownership over their education, giving rise to greater confidence and independence. We seek to build this virtuous cycle with each of our students.

Individual schooling also creates a safe environment in which a strong rapport can be built between the student and the teacher. This added trust is important, as the student is more likely to ask questions without fear of judgement.

A nurturing and happy place

While offering an efficient, flexible and successful academic programme, the British School of Monaco is also a wonderful place to work and to learn. We are a close team and we value warm, professional relationships between teachers, administrators and students. Because of the friendly environment, and the one-to-one learning, we really know our students and they quickly become part of the team. We offer them support, college counseling and advice, and they always have someone with whom they can talk. This allows us to nurture the development of healthy, happy young adults who have the tools and the support they need to succeed.