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The British School of Monaco is committed to developing accreditation relationships that support the school in being a world-class learning institution.

The British School of Monaco Individual Programme offers a Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level education programme based on the Cambridge and Pearson/Edexcel curricula, and is accredited by both Pearson/Edexcel and Cambridge.

Accreditation in the UK education system is incredibly rigorous and highly regulated; to be an accreditation organisation is very demanding. Edexcel and Cambridge are two of the five organisations accredited by the government of UK to offer GCSEs and A Levels in schools in the UK.

International British curriculum schools across the world are usually accredited by either Pearson or Cambridge, or sometimes they will be accredited by both. In order to ensure the British School of Monaco provides the range and depth of learning we desire for our students, we have chosen to be accredited by both Pearson and Cambridge.

Both Cambridge and Pearson courses are renowned for developing vital educational skills, including recall of knowledge, oral skills, problem solving, initiative team work and investigative skills. They offer flexible courses of study that give candidates the freedom to choose subjects that are right for them, while providing them with a broad knowledge base and lifelong skills.

The British School of Monaco

Individual Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level Schooling