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There are several questions to ask yourself when deciding which IGCSE and A-Level subjects to choose. There is much more flexibility regarding A-Level choices than for IGCSE, so these questions relate more to A-Level but are still relevant for IGCSE:

  • Do I have a particular degree or career I am interested in?
    For example, if you are planning to do Medicine at university, you must choose Biology and Chemistry, whilst Mathematics is advisable. For Engineering at top universities, Mathematics and Physics are essential whilst Further Mathematics is strongly advised. Natural Sciences courses also have specific requirements. Our team can give you more advice on these requirements.
  • What do I enjoy doing?
    At A Level you will study subjects in far more depth than at IGCSE, so you need to have a genuine interest in the subject to sustain the enthusiasm that will underpin your work.
  • What am I good at?
    Naturally you need to take account of your ability in a subject. On this point, we have prior learning requirements for each subject, and our admissions team will ensure you are guided to make the right choices. We may ask you to undertake pre-course assessments and pre-course study to ensure you are best prepared to succeed. You should not just choose subjects based on your previous grades, as your current level of attainment may not be the best predictor of future success.

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