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Subject choices: Psychology

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and experience. It seeks to explain why we behave the way we do and how our minds work. It is directly relevant to you, your friends and society in general. Where does our behaviour come from? Are we born with our personalities, or do we learn to be the people we are? Questions such as these lie at the heart of Psychology. If you are at all interested in how we learn, how our memory works, why some of us have phobias and how other people influence us, then Psychology is the subject for you!

Studying Psychology will help you to develop skills that will be beneficial to your other subjects. You will be taught effective essay writing skills and alongside this you will be encouraged to become a critical thinker who can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of different theories and pieces of research. You will learn about research methods and you will design and carry out practical investigations. Psychology lessons need your input; you will be encouraged to develop your communication skills so that you can contribute to debate and discussion and present your ideas in an effective way.

What subjects does Psychology combine with?

Psychology is taught as a science and therefore combines well with other science subjects. However, due to its written and analytical components, it also combines well with both creative subjects and the humanities. It is for this reason that Psychology is well regarded by universities.

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