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Subject choices: Biology

Biology is an intrinsically interesting and universally accessible subject. It is the scientific study of life and, as such, it encompasses the investigation of living organisms and life processes, from the molecular, through cells and individual organisms, to populations and whole communities of animals and plants. Since we are living things, by studying biological systems we better understand both ourselves and the world we live in. Therefore, we can make more informed decisions on our own health and our environment.

Our A Level course helps students develop essential knowledge and understanding of biological concepts and scientific methods. Importantly, studying Biology leads to a wealth of careers and is at the forefront of many modern developments. Manipulation of genetic systems in both animals and plants, to increase food supplies or produce medicines, for example, has enormous potential to revolutionise our lives. Biologists will be required to further develop this technology and devise safe applications. Our courses are also particularly well suited to those interested in vocational degrees such as Medicine and Physiotherapy.
What subjects does Biology combine with?

Popular combinations with other subjects include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Geography but students also choose to study Biology alongside a range of Arts subjects.

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