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The British School of Monaco Online is an ambitious institution with, at its heart, a keen desire to serve the Monaco and international communities.  We are now accepting applications for our individual A Level courses, commencing September 2022.

Entry to A Level courses notably in the UK is normally for students who have attained a C Grade, or equivalent, in the relevant (I)GCSE.  However, we recognise the equivalence of qualifications and grades from other educational systems.

All students studying for A Level courses need to be fully proficient in written and spoken English to be successful at this level of study.

Where we feel it is appropriate, applicants for A level programmes will take a British School of Monaco entrance assessment.  This will allow us to ensure that the applicant has the requisite level of pre-learning to successfully complete the A Level course,  and to identify any gaps in learning which would require additional support.  Central to our tailor made approach is guiding every student towards the best possible study pathways and subject choices that best fit their aptitudes and plans for further education.

To register your interest email [email protected] or call +377 97980154

We will be happy to support you through the application and registration process.

The British School of Monaco

Individual Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level Schooling