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Subject choices: Business Studies

Business Studies appeals to a wide range of students, including those whose ambition it is to be an entrepreneur, those who hope to run their family business, or those who want to be a part of a multinational corporation. Business touches most aspects of modern society, it is a vibrant subject that is constantly changing, and the study of it prepares students for today’s global world.

The A Level course provides an insight into the business world and enables students to develop the skills and knowledge to understand how businesses operate. In many ways it is a practical subject as students learn about the internal running of a business, the operation of the various departments, such as marketing, finance and human resources, and the external influences on the business. The A Level course is taught using a case-study approach; this enables students to build knowledge of real world businesses.

Business and related subjects are among some of the most popular fields of study at universities and the A Level provides students with a strong foundation for future studies.

What subjects does Business combine with?

Business combines well with a wide variety of subjects, including Economics, Geography, Mathematics and Three-Dimensional Design.

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