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Subject choices: History

While it may be optimistic for students of A Level History to develop the breadth of historical understanding recommended by Goethe, the sentiment of this quotation is as valid today as it ever was. The political, social and economic structures of the modern world make little sense to those who have no context in which to place them. Studying A Level History will not provide all the answers, but it does give students an opportunity to gain considerable understanding of some of the key individuals, events and ideas that have shaped the past millennium.

As an academic discipline, History develops the skills of evaluation, analysis and argument and suits students who enjoy reading, writing and discussion; but most of all it should appeal to students who are curious about the past and are keen to make sense of the present. The skills honed through studying History are fundamental to a broad range of careers, such as law and journalism. History is widely recognised as a heavyweight A Level subject by universities and a number of British School of Monaco students each year choose to study History at top institutions.

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