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Learning Support

The British School of Monaco is able to make provision for students who have certain specific learning difficulties, for example dyslexia, or who have a need for specialist or additional help in some areas of their learning.

a) Identification of needs

Students requiring Learning Support will normally have been identified, and may already be receiving support before joining the school. Parents of such students are asked to make available any documentation, such as Educational Psychologist assessments in advance of their application.

 When a difficulty is discovered during our Individual Programme, we will contact parents and sometimes recommend an assessment and, in some cases, extra support. In order to receive extra time in examinations or other access arrangements from the examination boards, students with special learning difficulties will require a full assessment and should be able to demonstrate that they have received continued support from school and that there is evidence of need. Students and parents should be aware that the examination boards are becoming more stringent and that a student who has had extra time at GCSE level will not automatically receive extra time at A Level.

 The examination boards stipulate that students must be assessed by an appropriately qualified specialist who is employed by or known to the school. The British School of Monaco Individual Programme will not accept privately commissioned Educational Psychologist reports for the purposes of applying for examination concessions.

b) Support teaching for students with Special Educational Needs

The British School of Monaco Individual Programme facilitates the provision of specialist teachers for Learning Support, both mainstream academic subject teachers and teachers with experience in Special Educational Needs. Students may receive one-to-one lessons with specialists. These lessons are normally arranged in the student’s free time, but can be coordinated by the British School of Monaco Individual Programme to ensure coherence with its weekly timetable.

Some British School of Monaco Individual Programme students take advantage of regular weekly support lessons throughout their studies.

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