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University Application

It is very much the norm for British School of Monaco graduates to move on to university after completing their A Levels, and a great deal of time and effort is devoted to ensuring that wise and sensible choices which suit the individual concerned are made. A university education is worthwhile, but it is expensive, and applicants must approach the process with accurate information and self-awareness. Students will receive guidance from parents, teachers, tutors, our welfare team, and experts from outside the British School of Monaco, but they must realise that it is their future and they must reach decisions with which they are happy.

We expect most British School of Monaco students to apply to UK universities, but there will always be candidates who go elsewhere, including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and continental Europe. The British School of Monaco has considerable expertise in all these areas, and students should spend time working out the type of institution which suits them best.

The British School of Monaco has over a decade of experience helping students gain entry to some of the most competitive universities in the UK (especially Oxbridge and Russell Group), US (especially Ivy League and equivalents), Europe, Australia and elsewhere. Our university consultants are some of the most highly qualified individuals in the world and are extremely active on the international university scene and are trusted by many top institutions.

The Application Cycle

The application cycle really gets underway in the second term of your first year with the school, when students are encouraged to start considering their options and researching the possibilities. There is then an intense period of activity in June of this first year, when a great deal of advice is given to the year group, and at this stage you must start to focus your thinking in terms of chosen courses and likely destinations. The first term of your second year is usually the time during which the application is made, and this can be a time-consuming business. Applicants need to reply to their offers by April of the second year of study, our counsellors and welfare team will support you through this important time.

Advice and information

Access to the necessary information is provided in a number of ways. Online lectures and workshops are very important, and a wide range of books, publications, prospectuses and software is made available to our students. The Internet is a vital resource, and our comprehensive learning environment carries links to a wide selection of helpful sites.

Students are provided with bespoke and supportive leadership, advice and guidance, we will ensure you are given all you need to ensure you are making the best decisions. Students are also encouraged to visit university open days, we also advise our students to gain work experience. In addition, the British School of Monaco hosts an excellent virtual careers fair which helps to put British School of Monaco students’ university aspirations in a wider context. There are also careers seminars and similar events throughout the year.

Interview practice and other support provided

We provide an enrichment programme that ensure all our students have access to the very best advice and guidance to prepare them for university placement interviews. All students have the opportunity to sign up for practice interviews, which are essential for applicants to certain courses and universities. Preparation is also offered to students who have to university entrance tests. Specialist workshops and virtual conferences in such fields as medicine, law and veterinary science are well publicised, and attendance is encouraged for those with an interest in pursuing such courses.

Employment and gap year options

Our counsellors advise and assist those British School of Monaco students who plan to move directly into the world of work, in conjunction with academic tutors and our welfare team. In addition, various members of staff are able to give expert guidance on the gap year opportunities, which are popular with a significant number of students, and the relevant resources are easily accessible via our learning platform.

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