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Admissions Process

Our Admissions Process takes a comprehensive approach to student registration. Everything we do during this process is geared towards families enjoying a bespoke experience that meets their child’s needs, and helps us to ensure we provide our students with the very best learning experience. The process includes:


  1. The family makes contact via phone or web form
  2. In-person or online meeting to with the family to explain their situation, learn more about the British School of Monaco Individual Programme, and establish its suitability for their child(ren).


  1. The family agrees to begin the application process
  2. The family completes application documentation process and submits all required documents, with the Administration and Assessment Fee
  3. The British School of Monaco Individual Programme reviews the application and prepares the assessment.


  1. Student is invited to undertake admissions assessment for relevant Secondary, IGCSE or A-Level subjects
  2. Student undertakes admissions assessment and individual interview
  3. Student assessment is analysed
  4. Letter sent to family providing confirmation of a place, along with details of the suggested Individual Programme for the student.


  1. The family pays the tuition fees.
  2. The student is formally registered with the British School of Monaco Individual Programme.

The British School of Monaco

Individual Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level Schooling