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Subject choices: English Literature

Anyone who has enjoyed English Literature at GCSE will benefit from the A Level course. There is much continuation of material and literary concepts and teaching in the first year is intended to develop knowledge and skills to be carried over into the Upper Sixth. Studying English Literature will give you the opportunity to explore texts in depth and to discuss and debate in class; the lessons are lively and stimulating, and your opinions and perspectives are welcomed.

English Literature is extremely well regarded by universities, and numerous British School of Monaco students who have read English at university have embarked upon successful careers in a range of areas: law, business and commerce, the civil service, architecture, film, theatre, radio, television, journalism, medicine, engineering, and education at all levels.

What subjects does English Literature combine with?

The study of English Literature combines very well with the sciences, social sciences and other arts subjects. Some of our most successful students have combined English with Mathematics and Physics, or Biology and Chemistry, and have found the variety of work refreshing and the course stimulating and rewarding. A live acquaintance with a foreign language, ancient or modern, is advantageous to those wishing to go on to study English at university.

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