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The British School of Monaco has created its unique Individual Programme to allow Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level Students to officially graduate from the British School of Monaco, whilst accessing our world-class teachers, cutting-edge pedagogical approaches, wrap-around pastoral support, and complementary enrichment programmes.

Our students can study a wide range of IGCSEs and A-Levels and be given the right support to access some of the world’s top universities. The British School of Monaco is also able to provide high-level university guidance counselling to students applying to top universities in the UK, US, Europe, Australia and around the world. Our A-Level provision is delivered with later access to universities in mind, focusing on auxiliary reading, specialist exam techniques and study techniques that will be relevant at university.

The British School of Monaco Individual Programme is also well-placed to support students need to bridge gaps at Secondary, IGCSE or A-Level, in order to fulfil their academic potential. The flexibility and efficiency of our Individual Teaching Programme means that we are able to adapt our curriculum delivery to fit different timescales, as required.

If your child needs personalised support to prepare for his or her IGCSEs, or would benefit from the high-flexibility of A-Levels in advance of university, please get in touch with us.

The British School of Monaco Individual Programme is ideally suited for elite athletes, from tennis players to racing drivers or heptathletes, allowing students to pursue elite sporting programmes without compromising on their academic studies.

The British School of Monaco

Individual Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level Schooling