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Subject choices: Further Mathematics

Students taking Further Mathematics overwhelmingly find it to be an enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating and empowering experience. It is a challenging qualification, which both extends and deepens your knowledge and understanding beyond ‘single’ A Level Mathematics. Students who study it often say it is their favourite subject.

For someone who enjoys mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and/ or more sophisticated mathematical concepts. As well as learning new areas of Pure Mathematics, students will study more statistics and mechanics.

Students who take Further Mathematics find that the additional time spent studying mathematics boosts their marks in ‘single’ A Level Mathematics. Studying Further Mathematics consolidates and reinforces A Level Mathematics work, encouraging the best possible grades.

Its study makes the transition from Sixth Form to university courses which are mathematically rich that much easier as more of the first year course content will be familiar. Students planning to take a degree such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics, etc, or perhaps Mathematics itself, are advised to study Further Mathematics as it introduces new topics such as matrices and complex numbers that are vital in many STEM degrees. Students who have studied Further Mathematics find the transition to such degrees far more straightforward.

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